Thursday, March 22, 2012


I know, I know.. Metallics are last season, but I found this great metallic blazer from Zara yesterday and I just HAD to get it because one, they were cute and two, they were on SALE! I just couldn't resist! So I was just looking around and I usually go to the sale section first before anything else because sometimes, they have awesome clothes left that people don't buy. I wasn't really looking for anything particular in clothes, but I was hunting for shoes.  Anyway, as I was looking around the clothes, I found this awesome white coat, a cute, sheer animal print top, and this awesome, awesome metallic blazer jacket! The white coat was way too big on me, the sheer top was damaged and had a hole somewhere, finally, this blazer fit me perfectly, which I was so stoked about.  When I looked at the tag, it said $29.90 from $89.90, I thought that was a steal! I couldn't resist and just had to buy it.  (Wait, it gets even better) As the guy rang up my stuff, it came out to $19.99 or something like that and I thought, "Wow! Amazing!!" I walked away really happy with my purchase because it was cheaper than expected and it was the last one! 

This blazer is well made.  The material is a kind of a denim feeling with this bronzy/metallic gold color. I also bought a grey t-shirt from the TRF line that I've been seeing all season, so I decided to finally get and maybe pair it with the blazer.  Funny thing how the model is wearing the same colored shirt with the blazer because I was really planning on pairing it with black pants/jeans and the grey t-shirt! Awesome! It's so cool because you can dress it up and dress it down, which I love! I love buying things that can be used in all around. Whoo hoo!