Monday, March 12, 2012

OUTFIT: First Photoshoot!


Hi! This was my very first photo shoot.  As you should know, I'm usually so shy and awkward in front of the camera.  I've always loved fashion and dressing up, but I also do get in my moments where sometimes, I don't care how I look like! I know, it's horrible! Excuse my pictures, I honestly, didn't know what I was doing at all.. so I did what I do best, smile! I have no experience in modeling or whatsoever. I never was into taking pictures of my outfit, but since this day, I want to start keeping track of what I wear.  This blog is mostly for me, but I also want to share it with everyone.   The photos are taken by my  boyfriend's brother, Mark Saldana.  Check out his blog!

Anyway, enough about me. This outfit was so comfortable! Too bad I wore it on a windy day, so my skirt kept flying up.  I love my skirt, I've had it for so long and this is the second time I wore it. I love the print and colors on it.

Jean top, faux fur vest, belt, skirt: Forever 21
Boots: Dolce Vita
Bracelet: street vendor in SF

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