Monday, March 12, 2012

DIY Sequined Collar Necklace

Fabric Glue
Collar Necklace 
Fig. 1

So this is a fun DIY project.  I love my DIY collar necklace so much, so I thought why not bling it out! You can put anything on it, pearls, studs, etc! In my case, I decided to put sequins.  I found an old sequined tank top laying around and will probably never use again.  It was actually in my donation pile.  Anyway, so what I did was cut of the sequins one by one (which took so long, btw), like in fig 1.  

Fig. 2

After, I detached all the sequins (fig 2) from the tank top. Make sure you align how far where you want the sequins to be, so they look the same on both sides.  

Fig. 3

Spread the fabric glue at the tips of one of the collar and just sprinkled the sequins all over (fig 3).  Then I did the same on the other side.  Check if both sides have the same amount of sequins, if not just add some on parts that are missing.  THen you’re done! ** wait til the glue dries before wearing it!

I love this! I’m not going for the neat look at all.  I just wanted to have some texture on it, to make it stand out when I’m wearing it. 

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